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This blog has been updated to remove any OFFICIAL references to the “project” to avoid any potential issues with THE COMPANY. Rest assured: it’s still the same! 

All prices below are non – negotiable, non- refundable and must be paid up front, by Paypal, BEFORE I’ll provide any services. Success is NOT guaranteed! YOU are responsible for your success on this project.

Who am I? Like you, I was once a candidate who had to complete this project to be licensed. It seemed as if it were a daunting, never -ending task with little (or no) real help or support offered. We didn’t even have successful models to look at during the time I student taught. I worked diligently to decipher the prompts and ask myself, “What do they want me to do?” (which is part of the problem) But at the end I realized that this is project is simply testing your ability to think critically about what you do, that is, good teaching.  For better or worse, I submitted and not only passed, but scored beyond the “mastery” requirements. I earned my teaching licenses in NY and decided to start this side- project to help.

I currently hold NYS Initial Cert in the areas of Elementary Education 1-6 and am seeking additional certs in Literacy B-6 and Spanish 7-12 (Anticipated: May 2018).

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Mock Evaluation: Before you pay the $300 to submit, you can pay me to evaluate using a rubric I’ve created to get a gauge for how well you’ve responded to the prompts and presented your teaching. This is NOT  a thorough investigation of your project. I simply read the prompts, and check “yes” or “no.”  Price: $75 per submission.

Rubric: teaching project

Peer Tutoring: If you feel uncomfortable or unsure and want one-on-one tutoring, I can provide it via Skype. I will go over the requirements of the project with you, and look at your answers and ask guiding /clarifying questions to make sure you’re on the right track. I will NOT give you answers or complete any responses for you. I simply give you the tools to think about your own answers (and teaching) in a new way. Often-times, I’ve found, candidates simply need someone to bounce ideas off of and then complete the project with success. You can set up tutoring before you submit or after, if you’ve failed and want to know why.  Tutoring is a 2 – hour session after which time I will disconnect, and you’ll have to pay for  a new session. Price: $100 per 2 hour session.

Please send all questions and/or payments via Paypal to the following:

Robert Leabo